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Will 2 parakeets bond with you?

If you spend lots of time with them, will they both bond with you?

And are girl/girl or boy/boy parings better? I don't want to get a boy and a girl because I don't want to breed them.

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    Yes you will be just another member with a different relationship All parrots should have a con or same species buddy as you cannot be with them all the time and it is much more natural for them to not be alone. You see shows with parrots all the time and they all have more than one parrot and still the trainer has a great relationship with each!

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    If you want a parakeet to bond with you it is better if you get 1 instead of 2, if you get 2 they will bond with eachother. If you want 2 parakeets, male and females are more suited but 2 males are better than 2 females, if not, get a male (easier to learn to talk and much friendlier). Hope this helps x

    Source(s): Qwner of parakeets.
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