what is the difference between a mexican, central american, and south american?

ok some people say i don't look mexican, which im not

other say i look south american like colombian or venezuelan, which im not

yet others say i look meditteranean, which im not either

im actually of central american descent, my parents are guatemalan, and some people say i don't look guatemalan either.

but what does a guatemalan look like? or a mexican? or a south american?

i wasn't aware they had a particular look

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    9 years ago
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    Your average Guatemalan is an Indian. Just like how your average Italian, French, or Spanish is European/white, but people also migrate to those countries. Half the population of Guatemala is Indigenous Mayan, half is Ladino.

    The Ladino (non Indigenous) population in Guatemala are made up of Spanish speaking Indians, Mestizos (usually with more Amerindian ancestry), and the small white/Euro population in Guatemala (about 10% or less).

    People from Mexico and Guatemala tend have more Amerindian ancestry. You're probably descendant from immigrants, which is why you look out of place from a "true Guatemalan." South Americans countries like Colombia and Venezuela tend to be more European and African.

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    The differences are nationalities,language dialects,regional foods,culture differences,etc.For example there exists a huge difference between Argentinians and Guatemalans,Argentinian culture is prodominantly European based/influenced,while Guatemalan culture is heavely Native American Indian based/influenced,there also exists racial differences since most Argentineans are White(of European ancestry),while most Guatemalans are either Mestizo or Native American Indian.

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    Guatemala and all of central America use to be part of Mexico.If Guatemala were to remain part of Mexico you'd be Mexican.The only difference between Guatemalans and Mexicans is the border that separates the two. Also Guatemalan isn't a race you idiot therefore there is no specific look for it.


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    Central and South America are populated by three main historical groups and a mix of two or all of these groups:

    1) Indigenous peoples

    2) European settlers

    3) African slaves

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    mexicans and central americans are pretty much the same they are more indigenous , but south americans (most of them) have a little bit more of european blood (except peruvians, ecuadorians and bolivians) and their culture also have more things from europe and many south american countries have high population of blacks and in central america there aren't as many blacks as in south america

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    people like to paint natives as all being "the same"... it comes from the propaganda around illegal immigration where mexicans like to say the usa was theirs first.

    but indigenous populations in north/cental/south america and the surrounding islands are different, not just tribes, they are different racially...

    people with mixed heritage are not like people today who would happen to have say a white/native parent and they are biracial. the mixing as it were took place hundreds of years ago...generation after generation after generation etc.. have already passed in these areas. so although you can say people are of mixed heritage... the populations are unique racially... not just different from white or black or asian people... there are Unique racial traits amongst themselves that have to do with the different indigenous populations.

    what does a swede or an italian look like? what does a korean or chinese look like? what does a sengali or an ethiopean look like?

    there are basic or common traits people pick up on...the more familiar someone is the more likely they are to see it...while to others not as familiar..they dont see it.

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    One of them is Mexican

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    mexican: fatties but some can be attractive

    central american: few of them are good looking but most of them are missing teeth

    south american: sexiest latinos

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    mexicans are pests and are annoying as hell, the others aren't.

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