question about everythingapple pro jailbreaking?

hey i want to jailbreak my ipod to get the gpa emulator, and so i have two questions. for everythingapplepro, you click the thing to download the software. do i download it onto my ipod?cause it says it cant download it. or do i download it to my computer, and sync? also, jailbreaking is legal right?

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    9 years ago
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    You need to download the software on to your computer and then run it after connecting your iPod to the computer.

    The below is regarding your second question..

    Is Jailbreaking Legal ?

    Is Jailbreaking Safe ?

    Is Jailbreaking Free ?

    Is Jailbreaking beneficial ?

    How To Jailbreak ?

    These are the most searched queries regarding jailbreak...

    I'll answer them one by one

    Q) Is Jailbreaking Legal ?

    A) Yes Jailbreaking is legal according to Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Also Professor Tim Wu at Columbia law school says that jailbreaking is absolutely legal, ethical and just plain fun.

    More :

    Q) Is Jailbreaking Safe ?

    A) Jailbreaking is method by which the users gain root level access to their iOS devices. Jailbreaking tools like redsn0w, sn0wbreeze, limera1n, Blackra1n, greenp0ison, absinthe and corona are completely safe tools created by well reputed developers. Jailbreaking is safe until and unless the user himself modifies the files at root level. Apart from the jailbreak tools that developers make, they involve themselves in immense research to makes sure the users are safe from any kind of danger. Bottom line is, jailbreaking is safe if you are using tools from iPhone dev team community or chronic dev team.

    More :

    Q) Is Jailbreaking Free ?

    A) Of course jailbreaking is absolutely free. You should always rely to trust worthy tools for jailbreak like







    All the above mentioned are absolutely free.


    Q) Is Jailbreaking Beneficial ?

    A) There are many advantages of jailbreaking an iPhone. You can customize your UI with themes and use various tweaks available to make changes. Some of them are :

    => Sb Settings is a jailbreak application that brings various toggle switches like bluetooth, wifi, brightness, airplane switch, flash light, sms, 3g directly to iPhone's home screen that are available in the Settings app.

    => DreamBoard is an advanced theaming platform that changes the entire UI with various themes. This is one of the most downloaded app on jailbroken iPhones. The best part of dreamboard is that the themes are in depth and they enhance the whole UI experience.

    => Barrel, adds a new effect to your springboard pages. This means that every time you slide for a new page on your iPod Touch or iPhone a 3D cube transition or one of the many other transitions effect will take place.

    => iGotYa is a security application that enables you to take the picture of the person who tries to unlock your iPhone by entering an incorrect password. You need to enable it in the settings and configure an email address to which the picture would be sent.

    => iBlacklist is a wonderful tweak that enables the user to block certain calls or messages using the mobile number.

    => AdBlocker is the name suggest is a nice tweak that blocks all the ads that appear in the applications.

    => Winterboard is a theaming platform through which you can install themes for your iPhone or iPad or iPhone. There are many themes available in Cydia that go with winterboard.

    => PlayAwake enables you to use your music library songs as alarm tone. If you get bored of using the same default alarm tones of your device you can install play awake from cydia and set the alarm tone to the music that you'd love to wake up to.

    => SBRotator as the name suggests is a tweak that rotates the springboard. The entire UI can be set to any rotation mode.

    Many More Cool Jailbreak Apps & Tweaks :

    Q) How to Jailbreak

    You can use Redsn0w or Sn0wbreeze to Jailbreak your device.

    Complete help on jailbreak :

    Hope this answers your question.

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    9 years ago

    Jailbreaking is completely legal. If you're not sure what to do with the software from everthingapplepro, then you definitely need a guide. Go to this page, and depending on your iPod Touch's formware, you should find an easy-to-follow guide to help you successfully jailbreak your device:

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    you will have the potential to get a great kind of extra purposes, yet you possibility breaking it in the approach. it somewhat is as much as you in case you love to do it. i might say in case you think of you incredibly understand what you're doing, decide for it, because of the fact it many times purely breaks once you do no longer do it suited. the approach is only too long to describe right here... JFGI lol.

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