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Web design cost good?

Create new logo and branding $400

Install Wordpress and relevant plugins including site traffic monitor, SEO and

slideshow plugins. $100

Site layout, styling, menus and homepage including slideshow and header with

images provided by contractor. SEO-optimized page and path names and

formatted content for up to 25 initial pages and posts, using text and images

provided by the client. $800

Instruct and support client on use of Wordpress $100

Migrate site to live server $100

Total $1500

--- this is how much i'm being charged. I've been given like 4000 to 6000 estimate from others, so i think this is a clutch??? i've already met with the designer one on one, and 1500 although much cheaper than what i've heard, what do you think for those experienced in this field?

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    This is reasonable, however yes you can get a much better price then $1500 for the services being offered. I think you can have all of the above tasks completed for $999; or less if you are able and willing to do some work yourself.

    Web design is really just the beginning. Once a site is built, you need to focus on getting traffic to your website. Otherwise the $1500 spent is completely worthless. It's like building a store front in the dessert. Depending on your budget and goals for the website, I would suggest spending more money on the marketing end.

    There are many ways you can reduce the expenses associated with web design and web marketing, however if you are not tech or web savvy (or at least understand some of the basics of web design, SEO, and marketing) then I suggest you hire a professional.

    Really and what I tell all my clients looking to build a website is that web development is more than just a website.

    Below are just a few of the tasks associated with an effective web development project.

    Website Design

    Website Marketing

    Email Marketing

    Social Media Marketing

    Search Engine Optimization

    *Onsite (website)

    *Offsite (Not your website)

    -Links to your website

    -Page Rank

    -Directory Listings


    Online/Offline Marketing Integration


    Video blogging


    Communication/Information for current & prospective clients


    Press Releases

    Paid advertising

    Ad Campaign Management

    Web Copy

    Good Luck!

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    What sort of site are you trying to get? Advanced Web development isn't difficult to do yourself even with no knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, PHP, or XML. You'll get it done faster if you know those, but if you have the time it's quite easy to just buy a few references and put together a fully functional and interactive and professional looking site yourself. Some webspace providers even offer basic site-building services for free with your plan.

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    one problem is:

    most site traffic monitors are free - like Google Analytics ( and to install it only takes copying and pasting a little code onto the website.

    other than that, if you have no experience at all, then I'm guessing it's worth it.

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    9 years ago

    Yes, It's possible, Check the micro job site like, here lot of quality works for less cost.

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    You can get to build your website for you, they built mine ( for a great price and included a ton of free stuff for free. They gave me all this and couple other things such as free advertising for 1100.

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    Well, why to pay that much?

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    Well, why to pay that much?

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