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Male rabbit vs Female rabbit?

I have 2 guinea pigs, that are quite large. I plan on getting a Norweigian dwarf rabbit or a dwarf rabbit, that I assume will grow to the same size as my guinea pigs. I'm deciding on getting a rabbit because they seem more sociable towards humans, and if i had both species i could bring either one out depending on whether i want a snuggling time or an active pet time. I plan on observing their first day together (both species together) to decide whether I will permanently cage them together. As you can see, I want the sex that can cope with my guinea pigs but at the same time be social with me, and that is active. does a male or female rabbit sound better? and should i get it neutered/spayed? thanks.

-please don't tell me the risks of caging them together, i already know it all and will be as careful as possible.

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    If you know then you don't put them together, you need to do more research on rabbits. Rabbits are social yes snuggling or loving to be held nope......

    You can not house them together if you think you know the risk then you don't put your GP at risk. You need to do allot of rabbit research.

    Source(s): Owner of 2 male GP and a male house rabbit...
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    Male rabbits can be aggressive toward other rabbits or toward other animals in general. I would choose a female.

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    That's awesome! You should go with whatever sex your guinea pigs are. If they are girls, their is no need to get them spayed. If it's a boy, however, you may want to get it neutered. Good luck!

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    9 years ago

    male rabbits will hump your leg (always) but female rabbits needs to be kept away from male rabbits unless you want **** tons of rabbits, shouldn't be to hard though.

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