Shy girls: should i keep trying or just back off?

hey guys, im so sure this shy girl likes me. she sat next to me randomly in both my classes and kept turning red and avoiding eye contact..she also giggles at a lot of the stuff I say. every time i text her she seems really glad and she uses "!" and "lol!" and she generally carries on the convo..but I'm always the one to start it and she's always the one to end it with "anyways, i'm going to sleep now! good night!" or somethin like that...weird...i could have sworn she liked me...she gets nervous when i talk to her face-to-face so i try to text her more. She did text me first a couple of times but it's always to ask about something what she missed in class, whereas i always text her just to say what's up. Last night we texted till about 3 in the morning, and it was great..but i initiated it, again. also one time i texted her just to say "looking gooood (:" when she updated her profile pic on bbm...and she didn't respond even though she read it...I didn't think it was too forward because Ive told he "cute pic" or "nice pic" before and she seemed happy about it..whyd she ignore me that time? HEEEELPPPP MEEEE! thanks guys

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  • Viva
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    9 years ago
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    i got a little freaked out when reading this because she sounds EXACTLY like me, your situation is the same as mine. i'm shy around my crush, i blush like mad and i avoid eye contact, but i stand near him a lot. i don't EVER start the convo simply because i'm too shy and nervous.

    however, i did initiate the texting, but he's the one who carried it on. we text alot, and when i end it i use the same line ''well am off to sleep, so goodnight!'' so that doesn't mean she isn't interested in you, because as you can see i do the same thing, and my crush on him was HUGE. i loved texting him, and i always said goodnight because well, someone has to end the convo right?

    she texts you about specific things because she doesn't want to make it obvious that she likes you. fact is, she's still texting you right? she could easily ask someone else the question, but she doesn't - she asks YOU. i know she doesn't send random texts asking whats up, but like i said, she doesn't want to seem desperate or make it obvious she likes you. she's also wondering if you really like her, so she won't make any obvious moves.

    also, she was texting you til 3 in the morning!!!! a girl wouldn't do that unless there were feelings involved, trust me.

    i'm guessing she might have felt embarassed when you sent her the bbm message about her looking good. saying cute pic, or nice pic, is different from ''looking goooood'' because that statement sounds a lot more flirty.

    look, as i'm just like her when it comes to guys, then know that i'm right in her liking you. she likes you a lot, but she won't ever make the first move, she'll expect you to do that.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Just bak off bro

  • 9 years ago

    You said it your self shes nervous & scared try to give her time she'll come back to you(:

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