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How to get rid of Henna?

I put Light Mountain henna in black in my hair a month ago. I want to redye my hair but is it safe?

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    Dyeing over Light Mountain Henna is safe, as it does not contain any metallic salts or chemicals. Before dyeing with or over henna, always make sure you are using/used 100% pure henna. You can always test to see if you used compound henna (henna with chemicals and metallic salts) by doing the following:

    Harvest some of your hair.

    Mix one ounce (30 ml) of 20-volume peroxide and 20 drops of 28% ammonia.

    Put your harvested hair in the peroxide-ammonia mix (this is in synthetic hair dye).

    If there's lead in the henna you've used, your hair will change color immediately.

    If there's silver nitrate in the henna you've been using, there will be no change in hair color, because silver is coating the hair. However, silver nitrate leaves a greenish cast to your hair, so you can tell by that.

    If there's copper in the henna you've used, your hair will start to boil, the hair will be hot and smell horrible, and the hair will disintegrate.

    If there is no reaction, you used pure henna.

    Source(s): I'm a professional henna artist, and user of henna for hair.
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    I did it and it was fine but it also depends on your hair type ever-ones hair is different but you should be ok as long as you dont try bleaching it bleaching your hair could react with the henna and turn your hair green :/

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    Why on the earth did you get it for those who knew it was once hazardous? Wash it off, now. Then move for your health care professional and inform them that you've got uncovered your self to PPD. Get them to examine your epidermis, if you're having a response you want anti-histamines among different matters. If you cant get to the health care professional within the subsequent 24 hours move for your nearby pharmacist instantly. Tell them what is occurred and that you want anything over-the-counter until you'll be able to see the health care professional. Oh and certainly not get this garbage on you once more.

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