custody rights in North Carolina?

My boyfriend is going through A custody battle with his ex wife, I am trying to help him with this and I'm stuck. He wants visitation rights of course (which he has) but he also wants himself and ex wife to have joint custody of the minor child. He lives in Maryland and the child resides in North Carolina. Because he is in A different state does that mean he will not have a chance to have joint custody? There are many things with this case that is difficult but this seems to be the only one I can't research enough to get a straight answer. I am familiar with Maryland laws as I have had my own dealings with custody but I have learned North Carolina is much different with there laws on custody. Could someone please help me with this as we are running out of time for the court date. Much thanks

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  • 9 years ago
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    North Carolina has physical and legal custody. I see no reason why the father can't have both joint legal and physical custody. Typically that means he gets every other weekend if he was local, but since he is far away he should be requesting every week long school break, as well as all summer. the joint legal custody would give him full access to all records on the child. It will also matter WHO moved. If she moved out of the state and caused the distance then she should be responsible for all transportation costs associated with getting the child to the father for his visitation. I also highly recommend if the court says no to that then you should already have a town in the middle you would be willing to drive to to exchange the child.

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