I miss my ex, and I never meant to hurt him?

My boyfriend and I broke up last week. He had been strange and cold to me for a while, and I thought maybe it was because he was depressed, so I had been trying to be really nice. I wrote him a sweet letter, to which he said nothing. He just stopped initiating conversation with me and was cold for weeks.

I trusted that if he had something he needed to tell me (like he wanted to break up), he'd do it. But then finally I ended up getting him to talk to me, I had to coax it out of him that he told me he didn't think he knew how to be close to someone, he wanted to be alone, but he still cared about me and wanted me as a friend. I said I couldn't be friends right now because my feelings are too deep.

I was so hurt, and I realized I was angry that he'd left me hanging for weeks. The next day I told him it was sad he was so much of a coward that he made me do all the work to end something he wanted to end. But apparently he felt like other people heard me (I hadn't thought they did), and he was embarrassed. I feel AWFUL. I didn't want to embarrass him. I miss him like crazy and love him and feel horrible for hurting him. What do I do?

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago


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