i have a question about pregnancy?

after mistakenly having unprotected sex i think the guy was wet and he kind of went in me a lil bit like to the rim of my vagina but not enough to break my cherry i made him stop i was so afraid i went n got next choice which is suppose to prevent unplanned pregnancy this happened 11 days ago i took the pills as instructed but afraid they may not have worked ion know my stomach just feels different to me is this nervousness i need some advice

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    9 years ago
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    Wait until you are due for your period and take a pregnancy test to ease your mind. The ones from the dollar store DO work, or you can go to the doctors where it's free (if you live in Canada).

    It is very possible to become pregnant on your first time, but don't let the paranoia get the best of you. Try not to stress as it will delay your period and make you freak out even more.

    I personally, don't think you are pregnant, but this is the best advice I have to offer.

    Good luck!

  • 4 years ago

    I learn Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way. It even comprises the physical activities you must train. I additionally learn The Brewer Medical Diet for Normal and High-Risk Pregnancy. I adopted the Brewer vitamin while I was once pregnant. I used the Bradley approach with all 4 of my births. I additionally learn Husband Coached Childbirth, however that ebook does no longer include what you must train to get equipped for start.

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