Bumps under my tattoo should I be worried?

Okay so I got my tatto about a month a ago and it has healed but today out of now bumps started to appear under it . They itch out of now where I noticed when I rubbed my wrist on the tv stand and it started itching . Idl if I should go to the doctor or take done medicen . Today I saved a stray and it had multiple fleas and I showered it idk if it can have some to do with that

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    9 years ago
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    Not at all, very common and will go away in time :) Just keep it clean and only wash woth ivory soap :) moisturize often

  • 9 years ago

    maybe something was on the tv and irratated your skin. the animal has nothing to do with it unless you are alergic. you can also be alergic to the ink. it will fine unless it it there for longer the 24hours. I have very sensitvie skin and my tattoos always get bumps and turn red.

    Source(s): have pleanty of tattoos (=
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