If a girl initiates conversations with me In person is she interested in me for some reason?

There's this girl that recently just started talking to me and she dident talk to me at all before so does this mean she is interested in me In some form or another? Even if she might just wanna be friends? She catches me looking at her and vise Versa and she's said hey to me and smiled so I figure she might be interested she hasn't been flirty yet that I've noticed but im bad at this kinda stuff We haven't been talking for that long though any advice is appreciated

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  • 9 years ago
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    Just be patient with it and take things slowly. I think she definitely likes you. I think that most likely she is interested in more than friends, but give it time. Things will evolve. Don't worry about being flirty. Just try to show her that you are a nice person and that you are interested in her. She will understand.

  • 9 years ago

    if she is making the effort to talk to you, and you didnt know her before that that she is probably into you! but be careful and find out what sort of girl she is, because some girls can be really shallow, and thats coming from a girl! :)

    talk to her and get to know her!

    good luck :)

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