Is Ernest Borgnine the oldest living Academy Award winner?

Ernest Borgnine is currently 95 years old and still active as an actor. He won an Academy Award for Best Actor for Marty in 1955 (57 years ago). Is he the oldest still living Academy Award winner and/or does he hold the record for having the longest timespan between now and his win?

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    Luise Rainer who was born in Austria in January of 1910 is currently the oldest living Academy Award winner. Rainer, now 102 years old and in good health, won the Oscar twice. In 1936 she won for playing the flamboyant Anna Held in "the Great Zigfeld" the next year she won again for playing a humble Chinese peasant in "the Good Earth". It's been 75 years since Miss Rainer's last Oscar win.

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    Luise Rainer is 102-years-old (born 1910) and is the oldest living Academy Award winner. She won the Academy Award for Best Actress in 1937 (75 years ago) for her portrayal of O-Lan in "The Good Earth." As such, she eclipsed Ernest Borgnine's record of 57 years.

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