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How many fights have you been in? just curious?

I am hoping to get a lot of answers on this so that I can try to find some averages.

State your age

State the number of fights you have been in

State your gender

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    Just pointing it out, you won't get honest answers. The best thing to do is look up some stats. or google it, or you will get half a dozen 10-18 year old boys who want to pretend they are tough XD

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    9 years ago

    Male, 14 , Once

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Age: 14

    Fights: 10+

    Gender: Males

  • Anonymous
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    325--65 Wins and Lost 260)


    I am 5'7" 135 pounds, Never won a fight against a kid over 14 or over 103 pounds Never fought a kid over 15 or over 107 pounds

    I have a rematch tonight against a 13 year old 5'4" 97 pounds who has beaten me up 3 times the past 2 weeks

    Nothing better than rolling around on the ground and throwing punches with the winner sitting on top of the loser and hitting him in the jaw till he is knocked out

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  • 9 years ago

    Male. Right now im 18. Im mot the fighting type but ill say i have been in around 4. One of them beat up a guy with a hockey club. Last fight i have had. Fighting is bad u dont know what ur capable of until u do it and it leads to awful things

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    1. Well it wasn't really a fight, but the guy I was with pissed off the wrong people and they gave him a few punches, and me just one. And this other time I pissed off the wrong guy and his friend approached me and grabbed me and threatened to beat the crap outa me, while his friend stood by his side and told me to never tease him for having a young girlfriend again. His mate wanted to beat the crap outa me and I was a little kid back then and totally defenseless and scared, but now I would ACHE to see him again so I can pick a fight with him. I'd win

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    9 years ago

    Physical fights?

    12, girl, none.

    I know a lot of kids my age who fights almost every week though.

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    9 years ago


    none; people start up "issues" with me (I just go about my business and I get bullied and harassed on a daily basis)


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    None O:


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