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Were Viking children allowed to go out and raid?

I know that they helped their mother out on the farm and with house work and stuff, but I was wondering, in limited circumstance, were they allowed to go out and raid?

Also PLEASE include sources!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Viking girls were married away when they where 12 to 15 years old. It was then expected that she would be able to run the housekeeping and do the work belonging to women at/on the farm. The arrangement of the wedding (to find who their son or daughter should marry) was the duty of the family chief. The Vikings looked at the marriage as an assurance of common help and protection between them. Normally the girl had no right to choose her husband according to her own desire.

    At ten years of age, Viking children were considered to be adults. During their childhood, they didn’t attend school. By the age of five, Viking children were expected to work to support the homestead. Children were required to learn the jobs of the adults. Since most Vikings were farmers, both boys and girls were expected to keep the family farm going.

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    They would not go out on raids while they were still considered to be children, but by their early teens both boys and girls would have entered fully into adult life. In aristocratic and royal circles, boys. Oukd exodct to take an active part in politics and war by their mid teens. Harald Hardrada for instance was only fifteen years old when he fought with distinction at the battle of Stiklestad in 1030.

    Source(s): Encyclopedia of the Viking Age by John Haywood
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    Even the Vikings wouldn't endanger their children - their raids were not used for family vacations or the teaching of hand to hand combat to 10-year-olds.

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    Yes, that's how 'treat or die' got started.

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    NOt until they finished their vegetables.

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