Can you please give me some writing advice?

I'm writing my first novel. I've written short stories before, though. I need some important advice.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Hey there! Now to be honest I am only 14 but writing is my 'thing.' and I am known for this.I am currently writing two novels at the moment personally and I begin by planning it all out.Get a piece of paper or open a word document and PLAN.You may plan what time you will write or plan the plot of the novel etc.Just remember that it is a rough plan so you can change it as you like.When I write I love to write when I am alone in a room in a quite environment so think about that.What inspires you? If you were inspired by a little cartoon or even just by looking at a drivers number plate, keep the inspiration with you because you always need a boost when writing.My last tip is when you start writing and beginning the plot,do not write for the sake of it,only write when your material is the best possible,allot of authors write stories and novels and have a page of writing which was just 'written' without a lot of thought.Good luck and I am sure your novel will be amazing! It would be lovely if you could tell me what your novel is about because then I can give you tips for specific genres also.

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