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Should saudi woman be banned from traveling abroad for education?

I just want your opinions

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    As a Saudi woman traveling abroad for education, I must say that the friends I have met here are so much better the ones in Saudi. Here, people actually study, work and have little time to mess around. You know you are coming to get an education for a better future, not to ruin it for yourself and your reputation by acting out and doing things you are not allowed to in Saudi Arabia. So, instead of judging all of Saudi women as one person, you should check the individual woman and see if she is a serious student or not.

    I would also like to add, MOST Saudi men drink, party, have sex with girls, move in with their girlfriends, and basically go against every single Saudi rule there is. So instead of thinking of banning women from getting an education, think about how to make Saudi men better students and a valuable asset for our country.

  • Part of me says yes and another part of me says no.

    Think my answer relates to a previous question asked in the Saudi Section. Some saudi woman spoil it for other saudi woman wanting to make a life and do well.

    The more i think, why are saudi woman banned from driving, why are saudi woman banned from this and that, there must be a valid reason why this is happening!

    The question is, does the Saudi government trust Saudi Woman? i don't know

  • I think every Saudi woman deserves a good spanking. I love to spank them. They love it, I love it, and they love to call me "Sir Reepak Chopra-Master Spanker Royal Highness Warlock Lord From Mumbai" on most occasions. Psst, sometimes they do not like it and call the po-po on me!

    Now, Saudi women should go abroad, get an education, and then report to me for a good spanking.

    This is my Royal opinion and I approve of it. Thank you.

  • Mintee
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    9 years ago

    no.. they should be allowed to travel abroad and allowed to drive..

    if there are issues from the hyper religious that say women will get up to no good. then that only goes to show that "their" women have issues, not the general majority..

    Good women are good.. Bad women are bad, regardless if they can study or drive..

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    No. I think women's rights should be increased in Saudi Arabia, and that women should be allowed to drive, participate in sports and the abaya shouldn't be mandatory. Women should be allowed to do as they please.

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