Going to court in 2 days, what will my possible punishments be?

Now im 18 and was out with friends friday night and we were drinking. Now i litteraly got so drunk i completely forgot all of that night and i started coming to my senses when i woke up in a holding cell in jail. I spent the night there but they let me go so now im free but i have to go to court. Now my friends tell me that we all got really drunk but ended up going to an emtpy apartment or something, and thats where we got busted. Im not sure again i dont remember at all what happened but the cops in the station said i was trespassing and obviously drinking while underage. Me and another friend got out but 2 of my friends are still in there and they prob wont get out anytime soon. So when i go to court what do you guys think will happen to me? Like will i get community services or will they take my license or something? But that was my only time gettin arrested, going to jail, having to spend the night there, and going to court. Im really not a bad person so for this do you think they'll possibly just give me a slap on the wrists and let me go.....or am i getting the community services?


Just stating that i graduated high school recently so i still live with my mom, but how could she be sued since i am 18? Wouldnt all the punishment just go to me? And just saying and im still thinking about it i got outta jail about 4 and a half hours ago and came home and again still thinkin about it but i havnt exactly told my mom yet but since im 18 and they let me go i didnt think there would be any reason to tell her. Thats mainly why im asking cause i think she'll find out if i have to do community service. So really thats my question, will i have to do community services?

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    First the good news, as there is no vehicle involved your licence is safe.

    Trespass is a civil offence not a criminal one so unless the owner of the property takes action your OK. The Police can't bring a case unless you forced entry to the property when it becomes burglary.

    As you are underage to drink the most likely outcome is the police will pass the case to a juvenile court to deal with it, the worst outcome is you get a slap on the wrist, and your DNA is added to the national database. However there is a bigger problem and that's your parents. If the property was damaged then the owner could sue your parents for negligence, in that they failed to keep you under control. If the judge agrees there is no limit to the damages that could be awarded and then your up to your ears in the soft smelly stuff.

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    The correct answer will depend on several things, particularly what locality this took place in and just what you are charged with. At 18 you will be treated as an adult despite the fact that you cannot legally drink yet.

    Now, where I live, if you are simply charged for underaged drinking, or possession of alcohol or something like that, the penalty is a fine (up to $500), plus MANDATORY community service of 8 - 12 hours, plus MANDATORY license suspension of 30 days, plus MANDATORY alcohol awareness class.

    If you are actually charged with trespassing, that could be more serious. The penalty varies from locality to locality, but where I live, it is a fine of up to $4000 and up to 1 year in jail. It is very unlikely that you would get the maximum penalty, probation and community service would be much more likely for a first offense.

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    I think you will be fine. Although, as much as I know you do not want to hea rthis, I think you should tell your mom because she can make sure they dont take advantage of you in court. Even though you are underage to drink you are solely responsible for your actions. The will not sue your mother gor this, that also aill fall on you as well,you are now legally considered an adullt. Now as for court, you say you have never been in trouble,all you are being charged with is underaged drinking and tresspassing. So that being said, you hav a couple of choices. You can plead guilty, take the community service which you will most likely get, but better than jail, and your mom wont know about that anyway unless you tell her. Or you can use your Y.O ststaus since you havent been in trouble and dont appear to be the type to really do bad things in general,just made a bad choice which I am pretty sure most of us did at your age anyway. No one is perfect so dont let them act like they are. Ask for a public defender either way especially if your mom doesnt come which you are entitled to because you are 18 no longer your parents responsibility finacially, and they can make sure you get the best deal out of all this.Good luck and relax, its not as bad as you think. And your liscense is safe. They arent going to touch that you didnt get a dwi or anything you got trespassing nothing to do with driving :)

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