He wants my hoodie... help?

ok, on our last date i 'stole' my boyfriend's glove (i took it w/o permission and kept it, he wants it back but said i could keep it) so i said he could 'steal' something of mine and he chose my purple hoodie.

we aren't planing on telling our parents for a matter of months, how can we get away with this w/o our parents realizing it?

(We're going to Hooters on Friday for his birthday in case that fact helps)

please help! i wanna keep the glove and he wants the hoodie, but we're keeping it a secret so my parents don't force a breakup and ground me from talking to him (they REALLY don't want me dating until i'm 16)

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  • 9 years ago
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    Well you could lie and say you lost the hoodie or left it at school

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