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How do you drag pictures to Photoshop and Illustrator?

I tried to do it on my Photoshop trial today and the icon just kept flashing on the base of my monitor screen. What does that mean? I deleted the software because I felt no use? I have more control when I'm doing it in my class at school.

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    Are you on Windows or OS X?

    And if on Windows, are you using Windows 7?

    A flashing or jumping icon on your dock or task bar is usually a sign that the program wants your attention. Click on it to see if you have any dialogue boxes open.

    In Windows 7, dragging files onto a program icon on the task bar will not open the file (stupid, I know) but instead "pin" it to a list of files for that program (list is available on right click).

    Try dragging your file to the program window instead and see if that helps.

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