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My '99 Volkswagen Passat had water damage to fuse box and now the alarm wont stop going off.?

Turns out water leaked into the fuse box of my vw during a long week of rain. This flooded the inside of my car and stopped my car from starting. I cleaned it all up and dried the fuses hoping when I plug the battery back in, everything will be alright. Well turns out the alarm system wont stop going off when the battery is connected. Been working on it for months now and finally have it to where the car runs/starts/ect., but both signal lights come on when started. I'm at my wits end with this. Is there a way to just disable the alarm system completely to just get rid of this problem?

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    if you have the separate alarm there is a key switch on the front of the alarm unit to isolate it, if it is the type that sounds the horn you need a new unit

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    sure you are able to take it out. look below the sprint from the steerage wheel to the motive force door, the fuse block is placed there and there is somewhat container it somewhat is plugged in next to it.

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