What low beam headlight does my Mazda 3 have?

I have a 2009 Mazda 3 Sport and the driver's side low beam is out. The manual says not to replace a Xenon bulb. The other possible bulbs in it are HID and the standard Halogen. How do I know which bulb it is on my car? I thought about just taking it apart and looking at the bulb BUT the manual warns against replacing a Xenon bulb on my own. HELP!!!

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    The likeliest bulb is a halogen (H4 or H7). To find out, open the engine cover and look at the headlight covers. If there are high-voltage hazard stickers, then you have xenons (or HIDs, which is the same).

    In that case you should be VERY careful and, unless you know your volts from your amps, leave the job to the Dealer because a life-threatening voltage is in the circuit under certain circumstances.

    Otherwise (in case of halogen), remove the blown bulb, establish the type, buy a new one (avoid no-names), install and off you go.

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