Guys: HELP im confused about him?

i REALLY like this gu. we both go to hockey together, and always go in a pair together the teacher asked if we were going out. this has happened before from this girl in my form who randomly said : 'are you going out? you should go out.'

Which brings me to my actual question: everytime this happens he goes all quiet and nearly shuts me out. Does this mean he likes me, or he doesnt??

If you think he does like me, should i tell him, ask him out or do something??

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  • 9 years ago
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    Yes he likes you :) If he didn't like you, he wold laugh at the person who asked if you were going out. But since he doesn't say anything and becomes all shy, he most definitely likes you :) I'm a guy and men know other men. He's got a cash on you hehe :)

    Good Luck! :)

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  • 9 years ago

    Hard to say. Look at the way he looks at you, and compare it to the way he treats other females. You didn't really add enough details, but it all comes down to feeling. You should always hint at it first, but really you like him, so it's the responisbility to do something like ask him out is on you. Good luck. Remember, it isn't the end of the world either way.

  • 9 years ago

    Hey that's a tough one. I would say that if he goes really shy that he likes you but is too scared to say anything because he isnt sure how you feel. See if there are any signs that he likes you.. for example: does he flirt alot? If so you can be almost certain he likes you.

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