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How do you know if a virgo has a little crush on you?

I have 2 guy colleagues who are like good friends to me. One is a virgo who I have much respect for. He is such a peaceful guy, very practical, and reminds me about the big picture and is very encouraging. He is definitely not perfect and has actually admitted to some faults he's done in the past (which he never opens up to with anyone). He's the "calm, chill shy type" and polite at first but when you get to know him, he's himself.

We opened up alot to each late last year and he sent me a text saying we could "text dirty". Not sure if it was a joke, a test, serious, or just to see my reaction but I didn't like it and told him "no" and tried to be cool about it. Thing is, he's very "TAKEN" (but apparently are not together? but whatever, I don't mess w. guys like that) and it's not like I'm interested in really dating him, however he's a great guy and I hope I can find someone similar to him. A few months back, I was super stressed out (and he knew it) and jokingly said, "it's midnight and we spent 8 hours doing this board, wanna write my paper due tomorrow?" He was in the same boat, busy as hell and to my surprise I got an email from him 3 in the morning with that paper. CRAZY, right? He hasn't been as close this year as he was last but still loyal and still there for me. I was the speaker at our graduation (for our grad program) and right after, he kept telling me I did "really great" continuously and was serious about it. Knowing him, he's sincere and won't say anything he won't mean (and I noticed after that speech was when he started acting funny). Since then, he tries to be funny around me but his jokes/comments come off short or not funny. He teased me about a creepy guy in our program and said, "so, you think he might have a crush on you, especially after that speech you gave? hahaha" He tried to make me feel better once and said, "we all passed, you gave a great speech and everybody likes you now. So you're good." He tries to get a reaction out of me (I feel) when he teases me ALOT, continuously w. our other guy colleague (in which I promise, nothing will happen. It's like salt and vinegar). He said another colleague in our program was texting him alot lately (recently divorced lady) and I casually told him, "aw really? that kind of makes me jealous" and he seemed to like but then said, "but you've been in the same group with him. You two have been spending more time together! hahaha! don't worry, i talk to you more know... most people..." He also likes to encourage me to be open about celebrity crushes (which he starts). When I started being open about it, he said I liked to "fantasize" alot. Don't know what that means. We'll be watching a game and he'll say, "oh you're boyfriend's on tv". I was talking to a group of girls and he tried to get my attention a couple times interrupting saying, "hey, did you see that play?", which he's NEVER done. I finally hit him last night when he wouldn't stop teasing me about the other guy and he laughs. It's not just him being playful, I feel like he does it for a reaction. Anyhoo... thoughts?

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  • Tones
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    Yeah, go for him if you're a Libran female, Piscean female, Scorpio female or Tauran female.

    Virgo males tend to gravitate to those signs.

  • Jason
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    9 years ago

    u never know

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