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i want to re-decorate my room? ....but need ideas/help!?

So, i'm a teen. And my room SUCKS right now. The walls are plain, a dumb color, and it is just boring! I want my rooms to be more funy, and cool! I'm don't want a fancy room...i want it to look wild, like zebra strips and leopard print. Fun colors! Fun pictures! Something that pops out. SO what cna i do. Changed the color (It's purple)? add pictures on the wall? WHAT SHOULD I DO!?!?!? So any ideas..and if you want give me links to some pictures of cool teen rooms! Thanks!! :)

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    Lol you seem to already know what to do with what you've listed. Id say go colorful as well. i LOVE bright. I'm talking, yellow curtains, pink rug, zebra or leopard bed, cute and unique framed posters or picture frames with friends. Keep it vibrant. My room is somewhat like that and i love it. It makes me happy. :)

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    I suggest getting on line and searching teen rooms.

    Make notes on what you like.

    Do this for a while, you'll find you consistantly like the same sorts of things.

    Those are the things to look for to jazz up your room.

    Thrift stores and flea markets are great places to find unique things for your room.

    You can easily brighten up a wall with a large tapestry tacked to it, a friend of mine has several of these on large walls of her home which she is not allowed to paint and it gives her rooms a bright and exotic feel.

    I suggest finding a theme or style you like, then start looking for pieces that evoke that style for you.

    Decorating is a process, not necessarily a result, and many folks do it one item or change at a time.

    There are LOT of web resources for pics for you.

    Happy hunting!

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    Get some cool accessories

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