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Am I really depressed?

My dad died when I was 11, and I'm 12 now. I didn't shed a single tear. Because I believe that he's in a better place now, and the last thing he wants is to look down and see his loved ones crying.

Now my mom goes on and on about how I'm in denial that I'm depressed.

I keep telling her I'm NOT depressed. I'm happy to be alive!

What are symptoms of depression? Do you think I'm depressed and in denial...?


I don't feel sad, I never did.

I don't regret not showing emotion...

And I don't miss him too much and only think about him.

I think he's in a better place now and he's happier.

Update 2:

Alright, I'll let her take me to see a doctor. Do you think I should act depressed so when we go to the doctor the doctor won't tell her she's the depressed one?

Update 3:

Ok, I won't act depressed.

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    the first questions are to yourself

    if you feel sad

    if you regret not showing emotion

    if you miss him to much and can only think of him

    everyone copes with sadness in different ways just because you didn't cry it doesnt mean you are in denial it just means you are not letting it cut you down and you see life as a continuing thing and know it will go on. From the sounds of it your mom might be the depressed one.

    Edit: I would ask your mom how she feels and if she is okay, if you don't feel depressed and are not thinking of death and such then I think she might be picking up on something else like being reclusive. To get her off your back just go out more often and whatever you do don't start to think you are depressed. I think you are doing fantastic and should stay strong

    best wishes

    Edit: no please don't act depressed they will medicate you if they think you are so just be honest. Perhaps she needs the shock from the doctor someone who she will believe in order for her to accept it.

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    I suffered with major depression, was hospitalized and on meds, and you do not sound depressed. I didn't know what was the matter, just knew that nothing was fun anymore, thought a lot about dying, felt like I was in a hole emotionally, could tell something was wrong but didn't know what. A friend finally convinced me to go to a doctor, and he suspected I was depressed because I looked like I was on the verge of tears. I suggest you make your mother happy and let her take you to see a doctor. That may set her mind at ease. Maybe she's the one who has a problem.

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    Well my dad died when I was 10 and now I am eleven.

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