My 5 year old brother won't eat?

Now i know that toddlers go through a stage of not eating and everything but he has already gone through that stage. All he eats is chicken nuggets, in fact he won't eat any meat if it isn't chicken, nutella crackers, nutella sandwich, really loves nutella. My little sister, who is 4, eats all the time and when we threaten to take something away if she doesn't eat, she will. My little brother is deathly afraid of zombies, so i tried telling him if he didn't eat that the zombies would get him. We've tried rewarding him for eating but all he does is throw the food away and tell us he ate. We've even tried just leaving him alone but now he is losing weight and my mum is worried. The doctor keeps telling her that nothing is wrong but we can see his bones and clothes that use to fit him are now falling down. Any ideas as to what is wrong?

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  • 9 years ago
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    ok this may come off as strange but... whack him in the forehead with a shovel then poor applesauce in his mouth.

  • Faith
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    9 years ago

    Your mom needs to find a new doctor.

    If you can see his bones & his clothes are not fitting them something serious is wrong. He needs treatment.

    I'd suggest taking him to the ER if it is this bad. Seeing his bones is malnutrition and he is at risk for a lot of things. He could have problems with digestion or absorption, Eating could be painful or uncomfortable.

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