Please read this text conversation with a girl?

Please help explain this text conversation with a girl?

I am a hs senior and she is a freshman in my school. We started talking through facebook and she gave me her number(I didn't ask for it)

We hadn't talked(online or in person) in a while and she saw me outside while i was doing something and she said hi. So that night i texted her. she asked why i texted out of nowhere and i said because we saw eachother. She said thats what she thought.

Then i asked why she messaged me on facebook in the first place(I added her,not knowing her,she message me) She said she didn't know me.

Then she said "there had to be a reason why you added me :>" I said because she looked nice, she then said I've never gotten that before. Then later, i usually get other things said, thats a different one

Later she said"you did text me you know there's nothing you wanna ask me" time passed and she said "???.." So I said:"Sorry. Hm i want planning to but idk do you want to hangout sometime?"

She said "lol that's what you wanted to ask me. I said "??? i guess" "I wasnt going to but i guess, why..."

She said"oh nvm idk thats why i thought you texted me to tell me something" I said "oh, no i just texted you to chat and whatever"

So she said "ohh okk so lets chat" I said "lmao what do you mean i though we were"

She said "right sorry ive been up since yesterday"...Later i said"I said thats confusing i guess thats it then"

She said "sorry i got no sleep, you have to text me on friday or the weekend and i wont be as retarded" I said "lmao no problem, talk to you another time i guess"

She said"okk deff text me thoo if you wanna talk"

NOW, what's with the asking thing??? Was she expecting me to ask her out??? Was she disappointed with the only hangout question??? HELP

*I added her on facebook before we met, and SHE accepted. Then she messaged me.

Also, her reaction to the hangout question, was she disappointed OR was she making fun of me for asking because she doesn't like me?

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  • 9 years ago
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    You hardly know each other. So neither of you has any idea what the other person is like. She might have thought you were going to ask her out,

  • 9 years ago

    This is why you don't talk to strangers.

    Because half of them are dangerous ad he other half are crazy.

    Tell her to back up and start over. "Hi, my name is Dana White. What's your name?"

    Not starting in the middle of a conversation.

    Source(s): "Is there something you want to ask me?" "Do you )$#@)(_#?" "OMG! NO!" "Then I guess a dance is out of the question..."
  • 9 years ago

    Yup she thought you were qunna ask her out...(:

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