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Will there be bad consequences?

I want to apply for unemployment and never reported that I was working while getting welfare because I could not make ends meet even with a job. Will there be bad consequences if I get rewarded unemployment and cancel cash aid? Will they find out that I was working and never reported it?

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    That would depend on how you were paid, and if earnings were reported to the federal and state revenue dept. In other words, if you were paid cash, under the table, no, they would not find out. But I would not tell anyone. f it was reported, yes it is possible you will be caught but not necessarily a grantee you will.

    On the other hand, if it was under the table, you could not collect unemployment, because nobody paid unemployment insurance. If it was earned through,payroll, the state/federal government would find out, or not find out, regardless of if you filed unemployment.

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