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violin bow application for the guitar?

so i have this thing in mind, the problem is the bow hair isnt abrasive enough to provide the necessary friction. what other kinds of hair that would create more friction on the strings could be used for this type of application? thanks.


im designing a bowing application for the guitar. ive thought of the flat bridge, i have a way to deal that. id love to go into detail but i cant yet. i guess i just need some ideas on what type of hair or fiber strings would set the guitar strings into vibration and sound ok.

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    Several things. First a violin bow might not have enough mass to it, check into a Cello bow or even a Bass bow. A german style Bass bow has more space between the hair and the stick. The other thing is that black hair is much coarser than white hair so it has more friction. And finally, bass rosin is stickier which creates much more friction, especially the brand Pops.

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    I don't understand: You want to play the guitar with a bow?

    It seems to me that since the guitar has a flat bridge, you can only play all six strings as a chord.

    Is that what you want to do?

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