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What would you do if your mom did not invite you to family birthday party because you are "verbally abusive"?

Is being verbally abusive a justified reason to exclude a family member from a birthday party?

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    lol I would totally get a kick out of it and show up uninvited and really show them what verbal abuse is. .....I mean really verbal abuse? like what kind of stuff are you saying

    I assume your parents are religious or want to always make a good impression about themselves and are just afraid people are going to judge them and say they didn't raise you right so fort so on.

    Edit: for those of you go agree with the mother it goes to show how much you really do care about your family. I mean really? shun the person who might have problems and needs help finding their place among the family? yeah just ignore them and keep them away from the "normal" people ...RIght! thats the way to fix a small problem. Ask me what I think

    I think Columbine, now go make me a samich!

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    I would think about how I was treating people and try to adjust what I was doing and saying in order to be constructive rather than destructive. Yes , verbal abusive is a justifiable reason to oust someone (even blood relatives) from a celebration. Birthdays and holidays come around once a year and it sucks to have the day ruined by verbal abuse from a family member. To be honest, anyone who is being verbally abused has the right to set boundaries with the abuser and maintain those boundaries all the time, not solely on family holidays. People who are being abused will react to the abuser's aggression, any abuser who is surprised by the abused not wanting to be around them is in denial about how much their verbal aggression is hurting those they are abusing.

    edit- what is the Mom referring to as verbal abuse? Are you aware of what was said or is there a history or background you can give?

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    I would say to mommy that I'm sorry you feel that way but that's how I am and if you don't appreciate who I am then maybe I shouldn't go to your lame party. There's plenty of soirees to attend that have freedom of speech where people can be themselves rather than pretend like they are nice people who don't verbally attack me with threats to isolate me from their parties when they and you are the isolated people living in a bubble that's going to burst because of all the pretense behind such accusations and pretend perfect people.

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    Yes. It's a party and supposed to be fun for everyone involved. No one likes or feels comfortable around an abusive person.

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    Well I think you will say sorry and u know dont be verbally abusive I think that will help

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    Yes because I honestly wouldnt want someone getting verbally abused at my bday party...what if someone came to your bday party and screw up the mood?

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    YES... Yes it is. If you can't behave yourself or act with good manners, you should expect that you won't be invited anywhere. If you abuse people, no one wants to have you around.

    Smarten up and clean up your act.

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    Ask what she was referring to if I didn't already know.

    What did you say anyway?

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    1st sorry to mom &

    secondly change my self.

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