Was this a hint or just general convo! really short! 10 points!?

A girl in my class and I were talking about horror movies and how scared we are of them. We're both single and get along well, I'm attracted to her too coz she's hot as a mofo :P she said "I can only watch a horror movie if a guy is with me". I didn't pay any attention to that at first but now (weeks later) I'm thinking "hey was that a hint?"

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  • 9 years ago
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    There's no way to tell if that was a hint or not. What you could do now though is ask her if she wants to go see a horror movie with you, since you both don't like seeing them alone. Then you'll be able to pay closer attention to how she's responding to you. Watch for things like eye contact, leaning towards you, or touching you. These are all subtle ways girls flirt. Hope this helps :)

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