Can i get serious school suspension for playing with a lighter?

Im a sophmore in high school and i was at another school for a tennis game and when i went to the bathroom to change with my friend, we found a lighter on the ground and we started burning toilet tissue (but we put it out and put it in the garbage). And when we came out the school, the security guards caught us and told our coach. Then after our coach talked to us and reported us to her boss, the school let us go with a warning but i might be getting suspended on monday from my own school (which is my first time getting suspended in my life).. im soooo scared because i never got suspended u have any advice...wud this risk me of getting to a good college? wud this mess up my skool record?shud i be afraid like i am!? All i know is that i definently learned my lesson

1 Answer

  • 9 years ago

    Of course ull be suspended. ur school might be in danger/burn coz of that. U shud never touch a thing that might take u to harm. Be careful of what ull taking/holding/touching :)

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