Is the official manga for PSYREN ok for kids aged 12 and up? (TEN POINTS FOR BEST ANSWER!!!)?

BEFORE YOU READ make sure you know that I'm already on the third book and one guy gave the other guy the middle finger. I made sure to show that part my parents and they said they'd let it slide this time but only this time and if she sees anything like it again she will return my books!!! theres also a lot of violence, which they don't care too much about. But also, they also say words like "p*ss", which my parents dont mind at all but they are starting to think otherwise. OK now you can read the rest

I need to know because i cant read anything bad... my parents check all the mangas i read. i need to make sure it doesnt have any of the following things.

bad swearing (like the f word, s word, even the b word might get my parents edgy. minor ones are ok. they also don't like middle fingers if theres any of that. PLEASE be specific if you want best answer, meaning tell me the words you remember)

nudity (DEFINITELY none of this, again please be specific)

blood and gore (i dont want gore, but blood is ok. well, its only drawings, my parents know that. this is the least important, you don't have to be too specific)

for some reason, they care about the swearing part the most, so that would be the most important. the next is nudity, which i think they should care about the most. thank you!

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  • 9 years ago
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    Honestly im just going to start reporting you now, you've asked this three times in the last half hour and 21 times in total

  • 4 years ago

    pay attention you demanding baby you have asked this question just about 30 ******* circumstances, ITS RATED 13+ SO ITS high quality. your mom and dad are overprotective, who the hell cares some center finger or a pair swear words? you come across that **** throughout television. stop asking this question, the manga is high quality on your age

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