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What is the fastest softball pitch?

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    I can't quote or site it but I remember reading an article in a magazine (ESPN or SI) that stated a pitcher from the 70's was hurling it about 115-120 underhand. That's crazy fast. It may have even been the guy the other responder mentioned, but it was definitely over 104.

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    There is no "official" record for the fastest softball pitch. Here are some of the reputed records after a search of various archives:Guinness is supposed to have clocked a softball pitch at 68.9 miles per hour.National Pro Fastpitch (NPF), a women’s professional softball league, claims that pitches of "70+" MPH are common. There are many other references in various sources making the same 70+ miles per hour claim.The fastest softball pitch reportedly clocked at the Atlanta Olympics was 73.2 MPH.Eddie Feigner, a famous softball player and the founder of the "King and His Court" 4-man softball team is supposed to have been clocked at 104 miles per hour. In a game against Major Leaguers ballplayers, Eddie Feigner struck out, Willie Mays, Roberto Clemente, Brooks Robinson Willie McCovey, Maurey Wills, and Harmon Killebrew all in a row.

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