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Watch Bully 2012 documentary free?

I'm a 14 year old and I want to see this film,the problem is it's not playing in my city.You have to demand the movie to play in your city.I live in Jacksonville and not allot of people voted.The link to the site must have no downloads,pop ups,credit card numbers,making a account,and it can be any quality.

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    LOL, that is the only way you can watch a pirated video, with no ads. Besides, why would an evil movie pirater let a movie slide with no adverts. Besides, why would you want to see it anyway.

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    Try to hold out. Support this movie with your money. They are still working to get a PG-13 rating, so that's not totally off the table yet and would get more theaters to show it. The director just released it already b/c they wanted to get it out there. Right now it's a limited release but there are plans to open it in more areas.

    Additionally, theaters have discretion about whether or not they will show the movie and AMC has decided to show it with a minimal check of parental approval (a permission slip or call from your guardian)

    Don't give up hope yet!

    It probably is online, but these guys are already taking a huge hit by refusing to accept an R rating, because they feel it's important for people to see and don't want kids your age to be effectively banned from watching it. I admire and respect their integrity and personally plan to support them as much as I can. Pirating takes away from that. Never mind the amount of money they lose from it, it also throws off information like how successful it actually was.

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