Feeling like the 3rd wheel please help?

Hi, so recently I've moved to a different state and I've had to make new friends, I became good friends with 2 girls who I guess I now can consider my 2 best friends. However they have been best friends for quite a few years and even though I get invited to stuff I still feel like the 3rd wheel I know I shouldn't cuz they have known EACHOTHER for a while but they claim that I'm their best friend to, we do lots of stuff together but again still feelin like the 3rd wheel here. Can someone plz tell me what to do. I HAVE ALREADY TALKED TO THEM ABOUT IT but it keeps happening I don't really think on purpose tho.

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    9 years ago
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    These two girls may previously have been friends for a while. It's easier for them to be closer because they might have more memories to reminisce about. Don't worry, everyone will feel like the third wheel when they are joining a group of two.

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