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Please tell me, do you like my new poem?

When I do wander in a different field,

And beg acquaintance of each haughty sight,

With sullen habit suddenly unreeled,

Old litanies I softly do recite.

By nauseous waves of thought I thence survey,

Borne strangely back to memory's proud estate,

Those lands where as a traveller I stray,

But whisper catechisms learned of late.

My thoughts do tack and star-charts do arrange,

And none's so puffed to gybe as a dissenter,

So well my reformation's happy change

Moves every star towards its proper center.

But by one star that never moved its place,

Still prouder my contentment blows apace.

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    I read it 3 times , finding new amazing philosophies each time. I love this: 'And none's so puffed to gybe as a dissenter,' and you cleared up the uncertainty of the spelling of gybe for me.

    Hi Storm

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    9 years ago

    Contentment finds no quarter in the stars,

    But lives instead on morsels inward gleaned;

    Our joys need journey outward not to Mars,

    But inward to the heart, to be redeemed.

    No traveler has found the sacred inn,

    No wayfarer has tasted nectar's bliss,

    No man who quests so far and wide will win

    The crown of life, and he is doomed to miss.

    Nay, Heaven is not found on distant shores;

    We wash our faces in its holy fount,

    And what we have, when recognized, restores

    Our souls to splendor in the full amount.

    Seek not your Heaven in a far-flung place;

    It lives as near as every human face.

    Source(s): Oh, and I like your poem (ever mindful of the need to answer your question as much as to enjoy your poem).
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    Dear friend, E,

    I very much enjoyed this poem.

    Quite poignant, of course.

    But nevertheless,

    I concur with the choice

    You made.

    The last line!


    Source(s): :) E. Ainsi, j'espère que l' e nf an t de la f ille, a utre ut ili sateur i ci, am our de moins d' e space, e lle est j udas) ne vo it pas cela, Loyale, je sais que vous :)
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    I liked the part with the car chase and the Asian chick..

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  • 9 years ago

    I very much enjoyed this poem. Keep writing

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