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I need help should i text him??? Did I do something wrong?

he texts me everyday .. hes older than me by 3 years but that doesn't matter. im 14 . hes very sweet . He always texts me first and that's the sweetest thing. On thursday, we text-ed for a while and i realized i barley let him talk and he said yea i know u don't. so i felt really bad and we text-ed for a little bit longer ... then i told him i was tired and he said he was to we said good night and i said ttyl and he said you to babe. Well yesterday he didn't text me which i don't care because its friday and he could be very busy but we haven't text-ed all day today, and now im starting to feel like i id something wrong did I??? And should i just wait to see if he texts me or should i text him??? What should i do??? HELP

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    just txt him he wanna cuff ;)

  • 9 years ago

    Just text him.

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