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Should I stay with him or break up with him?


-Love him more than I ever thought possible

-Make each other laugh all the time

-he's my best friend and I feel closer to him than I've ever felt with anyone

-always tells me he loves me

-Never feel lonely

-could move to kingston together and go to college together like we planned

-keep the apartment (if we did break up we would have to pay for two more months of rent because it was in the agreement we signed)


-lies constantly

-chooses weed over relationship (will buy his weed before saving money for rent: causing me to pay for his half of the rent as well)

-is financially irresponsible and always asks for money from myself and his parents

-caught him texting other girls VERY inappropriately twice (which shows he doesn't change his actions)

-is extremely selfish (didn't even get me a present for Christmas or my birthday-thinks of own wants before mine)

-is extremely jealous even though he's the only one who has shown unfaithfulness

-all trust has been lost and I don't see it ever coming back

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    I agree with the other comments....there are more cons here. & they are very serious. I know its hard to put whats best for you in front of your feelings & emotions this case I think its vital you do so. Of course I'm not telling you want to do by any means...I'm just stating my opinion. & trust is EVERYTHING in a relationship. & if you don't think he's ever going to regain your trust (which based on this it doesn't seem like it or that hes trying at all) then there's no base for the relationship anymore. Like I is everything & relationships are built on it.

    I found an article that i think will be helpful for you. Its entitled, "Should We Break Up?" (fitting, huh?)

    And I think it might help you. It lists some danger signs to look out for in a relationship. Some that you actually were leaning towards. Then, it has a section called "Beware If Your Boyfriend....." Pay special attention to that part. Last, it gives practical advice on how to break-up if u do decide to do so.

    I hope that this helps & that everything works out for the best. :)

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    You just answered your own question. The Cons list in more longer than than the pros. If you lose trust in a relationship then it's over.

    Also tell him about the cons and if he doesn't fix it then leave and move on.

    Answer mine please :;_ylt=AtXHi...

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    talk to him about how you dont like what he is doing (cons) and tell him he should fix some stuff, and if he doesnt, then i would brake up with him. good luck!:)

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