(girl asking) guys!! what kind of undies do you wear? and girls...what type of undies does YOUR bf wear?

my bf is 17 and i found out that he wears tighty whities...just the regular white briefs lol. i dnt rly care, i think they're kinda cute...but i thought most guys wore boxers? do more guys wear briefs than i thot? and am i weird for liking them?

he's 6'1 and like 150 pounds (he's a rail lol). he always wears those and a wifebeater, and skinny jeans/shorts

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    9 years ago
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    I think it's a personal choice. My bf wears the Calvin klien one since he said boxers make him go everywhere lol and tight whiteys do not give him room to roam lol. He wears the briefs that are like thigh high and it nice bcuz I get to see the outline of his package and stuff. It's sexy

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    4 years ago

    tighty whities r certainly the suitable, im a guy, and that i placed on them and love them, boxers are waaaaayyy too uncomfortable and briefs are far extra gentle , i think of maximum men placed on boxers to "fit in", i've got self assurance further and extra human beings will become bored with it and placed on briefs, and while u get to varsity no person cares what u placed on so a great kind of people swap to briefs

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    9 years ago

    tighty whities rule, i wont get into it on this one, i already answered your other one

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