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Facebook updates public?

if i put my facebook updates to public who can see it? the whole world or people in my state?

Thanks for the help!

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    Anyone who visits your profile can see that you have a Wall, but what they see when they click your Wall tab depends on the privacy you've set for posts there.

    Who can see posts on your Wall

    ■The visibility of posts you make on your own Wall depends on the audience you choose for each post using the audience selector. For example, a friend will see posts you've set to Friends and Public, while a non-friend will only see posts you've set to Public. If you do not have any public posts, then a non-friend will see a blank Wall tab.

    ■The visibility of posts others make on your Wall depends on the setting you've chosen for who can see posts by others.

    Source(s): Face Book Help Center
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