how do you create a pascal matrix in matlab without the built in function?

I have been given the equation Pij = (i + j - 2)!/(i - 1)!(j - 1)! and I need to write a program that will create an n x n symmetric pascal matrix (that will prompt the user for n) without using matlabs build-in function.


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  • 9 years ago
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    Well the conventional way is to do it with while or for loops, however since matlab works so quick with matrices and vectors I decided to show you another approach. Treat i and j as matrices, and perform matrix operations on them. The variable 'i' will be a matrix of all the row numbers, and the variable 'j' will be the column numbers. The factorial function will perform the element by element factorial, so its a pretty simple problem. The program is below.

    %Matlab Code:

    %Prompt user for matrix size 'n'

    n = input('Enter size of pascal matrix. \n');

    %Initialize vector from 1 to n. Use to compute i,j

    a = 1:n;

    %Create j (The column numbers)

    j = ones(n,1)*a;

    %Flip j to create i (The row numbers)

    i = j';

    %Calculate Pij = (i + j - 2)!/(i - 1)!(j - 1)!

    p = factorial(i + j - 2)./(factorial(i - 1).*factorial(j - 1));

    %Echo p


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    write the following program in the script file:

    clear all


    n=input( please entre the size of pascal matrix );

    for i=1:n

    for j=1:n

    P(i,j) = factorial(i+j-2) / (factorial(i-1) * factorial(j-1));




    run the file and you are there :) good luck

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