What does he mean?! Help!?

I told my friend on facebook that i gave up men for lent. Then he replied, "By choice or face?"

I dont know how to answer him, what did he mean?

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  • 9 years ago
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    I think he was making a cruel joke. I'm guessing he meant did you give up men because you wanted to, or because you aren't very good-looking and can't get a boyfriend?. It's not a funny or nice joke but try not to take it to heart because I'm sure he was just teasing.

    Obviously I don't know you or him so I can't be sure of what he meant, but just ignore him. don't get upset over it, he was just being an idiot. If you want a comeback, as unoriginal as it is, the simplest would just be 'Oh shut up! :p' to show you're not going to get angry over it. Hope I helped :) And btw, I'm sure you're very pretty so really, ignore the comment he made.

    Source(s): me? :p
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