Why did the commubist take over pragure after ww-2?


Why did the communist take over prague after WW-2 ?

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  • lwhhow
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    9 years ago
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    Being to the 'east' of Germany it was 'liberated' by the troops of the then Soviet Union (because being from the east, they had to fight their way through there to get 'to' Germany). As it was thus a 'done deal' under both the 'Yalta Accords' and 'Potsdam Accords' (both 1945) between the UK, the US and the UN and the Soviet Union....The Soviets were supposed by the 1945 treaties, after the war, to turn it over to a 'free' and 'democratic' 'local' government....but as...happened in countries like Poland, Lithuania (the other Baltics), East Germany...the Balkans...etc...The Soviets did ,'not' keep their promise but made of them instead 'occupied' states in Soviet territory behind the Soviet 'Iron Curtain', starting the 'Cold war' by 1948.

  • tuffy
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    9 years ago

    Czechoslovakia was part of the Soviet eastern bloc of satellite nations that all had communist governments and Prague is in Czechoslovakia.

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