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Did I sprain my ankle?

I was dancing and I landed my calypso weird and I came down on my right ankle it swelled but not much bc I iced it pretty quickly I can walk on it but it hurts did I sprain it or just twist it and how should I treat it?

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    Generally, from your story you did not twist it. What you have is a sprain.

    How you treat sprains is the RICE healing process.

    In fact, the optimal management of an acute injury can easily be remembered using the acronym, RICE:

    Rest (minimize movement of the injured body part)

    Ice (apply a cold pack)

    Compression (light pressure wrap to the affected body part can help minimize leakage of blood and swelling)

    Elevation (raise the body part up so that the pressure from the blood and tissue swelling the affected area is reduced as the fluids drain from the area by gravity)

    While you are healing, it you are in pain while you are healing, take some aspirin like Aleve or Advil to help lessen the pain.

    Next time, slow down and take it easy. Or next time, you might be walking around in crutches. Try dancing using crutches. Good luck.

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    I realize you do not desire to listen to this...however my buddy is the sort of sporting activities addict as of approximately two years in the past, and for the reason that she simply randomly began move nation going for walks and cycling within the woodland close her apartment, using three days per week (horses) monitor practices three days per week, (sundays she is going for further runs and motorbike rides) without a earlier coaching earlier than that besides for infrequent runs external her as soon as per week using courses and institution monitor practices (she is the sort of enthusiast...I do not see how she does it however...) she sprains her ankle(s) at least one time a month. SPRAINS NEVER HEAL COMPLETELY. her mother is a nurse and continuously reminds her of that, she wears a tensor/ace bandage, and an ankle brace, on each and every ankle whether or not its sprained or now not (heavier ones for whilst theyre truthfully sprained) for the reason that she used to be so reckless (and she or he's correct right here as I kind this lol, however she's busy ranting approximately how her horseshow used to be cancelled for the reason that of rain lol) she ended up strain fracturing an already sprained ankle gambling volleyball, (and she or he sprained it for the period of baseball). the one factor she will do now could be trip. No distance going for walks or sprinting, no cycling, simply using, for the reason that it is the simplest factor that does not harm it. She may not be absolutely healed till the tip of September, and has to spend her cash that often is going to horse stuff, on physio. This is maintaining her again from the 800 m provincials. the effect'll heal so much much less in the event you play...and despite the fact that she nonetheless excercised, nonetheless rode, nonetheless went to monitor meets and horseshows, she regrets it, for the reason that the everlasting suffering and soreness from braces and tensors holds her again. (she additionally has Osgood-Shlatters Disease and has to put on two kneee braces on each and every knee whilst going for walks and cycling) cross forward and play, simply be quite cautious approximately whether or not or now not you might have beforehand sprained it. word from buddy: "I could like to mention that Jamie's being dramatic...which perhaps the wording makes it look like that, however sure I am very harm inclined... however no suffering so long as I'm dressed in the braces...however she's correct, sprains certainly not heal. I roll over on my ankle, it hurts for hours or days, if I commute, identical factor. BE CAREFUL..."

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