Could you please suggest some books for me??? Like these:?

Books I love and could read over and over!

The Night Circus

The Secret Life of Bees

Gemma Doyle Trilogy (LOVE)

The Hunger Games

I love books that are really imaginative and have a fantasy spin on them. I do not like Vampire books or anything like that.

Can anyone suggest anything for me!!! ?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Here are some with a fantasy spin that you might like. Check out for longer lists.

    The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman - A child wanders into a graveyard after his parents' murder, where a kindly family of ghosts raise him. Under protection of the graveyard and the watchful eye of Silas, who might be a member of the undead, the boy thrives. His circumstance exposes him to a world of death, ghouls, witches, and monsters, all of which he takes in stride. When his blissful existence is threatened by the return of his parents' murderers, the boy must use his unique knowledge to survive.

    Locked In Time by Lois Duncan - When Nore goes with her father to live with her new step-family, she quickly realizes that there is something very strange about them. Piecing together clues, Nore begins to realize an astonishing truth - that her step-family is "locked in time" - having not grown older for over 100 years. The story has everything else from mystery to romance to science fiction. Just when you think you have the mystery figured out, Duncan hits you with a surprise that you should have seen coming.

    The China Garden by Liz Berry - When Clare goes with her mother to an English estate with dark secrets, she begins an unexpected journey. The ensuing story spins itself into many layers, featuring mystery, fantasy, and romance, all centered around an ancient family feud of which Clare is unwittingly a part. This novel is very rich in detail with a lot of historical and mythological references, so it is not for the faint of heart. For those who like deep stories with realistic romance, this is an outstanding read.

    Down the Dead Road by David J. Nix - Teen "Cowboy" is pursued by Death, who has made multiple attempts on his life. He is an easy target, having lived on the streets his entire life, raised by a homeless woman. A series of events, including encounters with a supernatural figure, a brutal street gang, and a beautiful girl, lead him to search for his origins. The mayhem leaves both his heart and life in danger, but leads toward the astonishing truth. A story that gives humane treatment to the lesser of society, with a sweet romance thrown in. The multiple twists will leave you guessing.

    The Shore of Monsters and Fall of Darkness by David J. Nix - Five generations earlier, a horde of monsters nearly obliterated humanity. All males are dead or ruined by a monster plague; words like 'father' and 'romance' have lost meaning. When teenager Sky joins an expedition to the shore that falls apart, she must survive amongst the monsters that roam the ruins. She gets unexpected help from a very surprising source. Mystery, action, and romance follow!

    Dustlands by Moira Young – In a post-apocalyptic future, 18-year-old Saba’s twin brother is stolen by black-clad riders. When tough-as-nails Saba launches a relentless search to recover him, she must fight for her life in gladiator cages, overcome enemies both creature and human, and learn to trust others for the first time. And try as she might, she can’t help but fall for the charming scoundrel Jack, who just may understand her more than she knows. The author tells Saba’s story in a raw first person format that blows you away. Must read for dystopian lovers!

    The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan - Seven generations have passed since the Return, a plague that reanimates dead humans into creatures that feed on the living. Teenager Mary lives inside one of the last enclaves of uninfected, protected by a chain link fence that surrounds her village. When the fence is breached, Mary flees the village with a small band of survivors. Their flight toward an uncertain salvation is both harrowing and revealing, as they try to determine if they are humanity’s last hope.

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    The gone series by Michael grant. Love them!!

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Uglies series by scott westerfield and Airhead

  • 9 years ago

    airborn is a good book. also look for the 13th reality or the mazze they all have sequals and they are reallly entertaining.

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  • 9 years ago

    To Kill a Mockingbird. You'll love it.

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