1987 4.0 jeep cherokee running funny?

I have a 1987 jeep Cherokee with a 4.0 and i just replace the head gasket and it will run but it sputter and puts out white smoke, i have all the injector wires in the right place and i never took the distributor off so my timing should not be messed up but u never know.

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  • 9 years ago
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    o.k. there are several things that COULD be going on here:[white smoke indicates coolant being burned]

    1. when head was off was it checked for warpage and pressure tested for cracks.

    generally these early heads don't crack however this may be a later model head or engine in your early vehicle, [the nazi re engineered heads crack in the combustion chamber through the top of the heads into the valve spring area] there are aftermarket heads available that remedy the mercedes error.[THESE AFTERMARKET HEADS CAN BE PORTED, WITH SUBSTANCIAL FLOW GAINS EVEN OVER THE NAZI HEAD DESIGN] and never ever crack again.

    2. if prior to engine pull-down,coolant could have filled the catalyst and damaged[poisoned] the oxygen sensor. the residual coolant will eventually burn off, however on this year model the oxygen sensor actually works backwards from most other cars [the 300z/x datsun of similar vintage works on the same principle] only the absolutely correct part number sensor will work on these systems.

    3. double check your firing order #1 cylinder is marked on the dist cap firing order in a clockwise rotation 153624. #1 cyl is located at the drive belt end of engine.

    4. inspect the plastic vacume harness's for correct connection at gang connector,routing to proper source/device, condition of plastic [it's very brittle by now]

    good luck and best wishet

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    9 years ago

    Your engine might be running rich.

    Not unusual to get a bit of black/white(ish) from the exhaust pipe. It doesn't necessarily mean you are running rich.

    Pull all six spark plugs and inspect them. That is really the only "reasonably accurate" quick and dirty way of determining if the engine is running rich.

    And while those plugs are out, if they have more than 30k on them, replace them. I like the NGK copper plug for the 00-01 distributorless ignition. Be sure you check gap is at .035 before installing them!!

    You might also want to check your 02 sensors.

  • 4 years ago

    I trust having the diagnostics code examine , regrettably that early of kind cherokee does not have on board diagnostics so it somewhat is going to be suitable to take it to an area motor vehicle areas keep for a unfastened examining, (autozone,develop and napa furnish this service freed from value). looks like a throttle place sensor yet it somewhat is entirely a wager. the good information is your verify engine easy is on so the difficulty has brought about the code, possibly purely a sensor witch would be a incredibly affordable restoration, good success!

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    maybe the manifold if that's how you spell it

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