Good Disney Characters for Spirit Week?

We are having Spirit week at school and we have a Disney Character day and im not sure which character to choose. I dont want to be too casual with just a t-shirt, but I dont want to like show up in a costume. Im a girl but i could dont mind a boy or girl costume.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Mulan or spirit

    If you were to go as spirit you could have your hair backcombed and your bangs to the side Like a forelock and wear brown clothes Maybe a furry coat? You could even wear the headband ears?

    Or Mulan you could wear red jeans and a White flowy top but have chop sticks in your hair in a bun? Or you could be Her when she pretended to be a boy wear your hair in a high bun with jeans and a shirt with converses or vans :')

    If you want to go more all out on the costumes paint a little black on your nose and paint your nails silver like horse shoes or for mulans girl character use a light LIGHT! foundation and rosy pink cheeks with red lipstick and if you go as the boy accent your cheek bones and temples use bronzer along your jaw line on your temples and on your cheek bones voila accented face

    I think spirit and Mulan would be two good options for the week the characters were very noble and gave a good message to the audience

    Chloe :)

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    You should be mickey mouse put on some ears and paint your nose also get a red shirt and black pants:)

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