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What can I do to get my DVD players to work?

I have had my DVD players for a long time now, but it they both stopped working at the same time. I will put a DVD in one of them and it says "Error H02" and the same message appears with on the other one when I try it too! What is wrong with them?! They were working just fine a week ago, and now they won't play anything! Please help, because I really don't want to have to buy new DVD players. Thank you!

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    Only the manufacturer will be able to tell you what that code is saying. Like you said, it is very old and it is time for a new one. Most manufacturer have stopped producing stand alone DVD player due to the blu ray disc player will also play the dvd. The most reliable player in the market is made by Panasonic. You can get a model BD-75 for around $75 at Best Buy. Hope this will help you out.

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    Given that most modern DVD players cost under $100, a repair is often as much money as just buying a new one.

    Plus, it's a good bet that your old players aren't hi def players, either. Junk 'em, and buy a new player. Go upconverting so that you're ready if you get a widescreen TV.

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